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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Man Utd 2010/11 - Hernandez bagi Amaran!!!

Haaaa.. jaga-jaga team EPL yang lain!!
'Chicharito' dah bagi warning!!

So, rooney macam dah ada partner next season nih!!

hahahaha... jangan mamat ni jadi macam mamat-mamat Amerika Latin yang lain udahh..
Veron, Forlan, Heinze.. tu semua nama-nama star amerika latin yang kecundang di Old Trafford tuh!
sunsnake 06072010

Hernandez wants to fight for place

Javier Hernandez is eager to compete for a first-team place at Manchester United next season amid rumours of a loan move.

Javier Hernandez scored two goals for Mexico at the World Cup

Hernandez, 22, left Guadalajara this summer but, despite an impressive showing for Mexico at the World Cup, there are suggestions he could spend time on loan before being introduced into the United first-team.

Reports suggest Valencia have already made an approach, but Hernandez has indicated that he would prefer to stay at Old Trafford.

"What I want is to play," he said in the News of the World. "I hope to have the opportunity to show myself at Manchester United, one of the biggest teams in the world.

"I'm going to report with them in July and I look forward to a new stage in my career. Some people are aware of this [the possibility of a loan] and I will learn more in the coming hours and make a decision, but my priority is to earn a place with Manchester United."