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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gol Lampard - Nak buat cemane? aku tak nampak!

Kesian pulak baca ayat dari linesman yang bertanggungjawab mengesahkan jaringan lampard tak dikira walaupun satu dunia nampak gol!

Ye lah.. dia mana merasa tengok playback semasa game berlangsung ye tak?
Macam kita ni berpuluh kali ulang tayangnya!

Teman rasa mungkin ada logik gak... Untuk high class game ni..
kena ada peluang refree tengok ulang tayang...
Macam American Football.. untuk game yang standard laa.

Kejohanan Bolasepak Sekolah Rendah Kelompok 5 Slim River Daerah Batang Padang tak payah lahhh!! aduuhhhh!!!

sunsnake 06072010

Linesman saddened by Lampard error

The linesman at the centre of England's disallowed goal storm has admitted he was caught out by the speed of Frank Lampard's shot.

Uruguayan official Mauricio Espinosa failed to spot Lampard's effort had bounced over the line after crashing down off the underside of the bar during England's 4-1 last-16 defeat to Germany in Bloemfontein.

Had the goal been given, England would have drawn level at 2-2.

Fabio Capello is convinced his side could have then gone on to win the game.

It turned out to be the last game Espinosa was involved in as FIFA did not include him on their retained list for the last eight and beyond.

He told El Pais: "It was a very fast shot that I did not see properly, even though I was located in the right place.

"We didn't see a replay in the dressing room at half-time but you could sense what had happened.

"It was only when we saw the TV that we realised what happened.

"I feel quite sad about it because we had prepared for such a long time for the World Cup.

"It could have happened to anyone, unfortunately it was us. You just have to accept it. Life goes on."