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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Coach Germany - Ada banyak Messi dalam Team Spain!

Teman setuju dengan coach Germany ni..
Memang ada banyak messi dalam team Spain..
Ada Villa, ada Xabi, ada Da Silva, ada Torres, ada Fabregas.. Iniesta lagi!!
Puh!! Argentina cuma ada Messi dan Tevez yang mampu pecah defend!
Higuain?? ceh! umpan taut je laaa!! tukang tapping masuk gol!

Apa-apa pun.. Holland jugak yang terbaikkk!!

sunsnake 06072010

Low wary of Spain match-winners

Germany coach Joachim Low has warned that Spain have "several Messis" in their ranks ahead of the World Cup semi-final encounter on Wednesday.

The three-time winners have been the most impressive team in South Africa so far, scoring 13 goals, including four apiece against England and Argentina.

There was plenty of talk in the build-up of the game against Diego Maradona's team of the potential threat of Lionel Messi, but the World Player of the Year was silenced by the Germans as they romped to a 4-0 win in Cape Town.

Low said: "Spain remain the natural World Cup favourites. They not only have one Messi, but they have several Messis.

"They have a whole range of players that can win a game, so we will have to be very watchful against them.

"They are a team that make very few mistakes. We have to force them into making mistakes."

Germany were beaten 1-0 the last the time the two sides met in a major championship, which was the final of Euro 2008.

Low was also in charge of the team on that occasion, with a Fernando Torres strike helping seal a 1-0 win in Vienna.

The Germany boss ruled out any talk of revenge for that game, adding: "We are not playing for revenge, those are not the kind of feelings I harbour.

"In 2008, there is no doubt that Spain were the best team at the tournament.

"They have shown great consistency and always played at the highest possible level. So they have been impressive.

"But now the situation is different. We too have a good team and we have every reason to believe that we can succeed."