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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Aduhh!! Tak boleh harap punya Liverpool!!!

Liverpool fans show their support for Chelsea
Liverpool fans show their support for Chelsea

Teman tak dapat nak layan game ni sebab dok on the way ke Felda Sg. Tengi ada jamuan PAS cawangan Sg. Tengi (kalah pun meriah yop!!). Tapi melalui sms teman dapat tau la Liverpool kalah 0-2 dengan Chelsea!

Balik ni ha baru teman usha di, aduhh!!! Man Utd memang harap Liverpool menang untuk Man Utd pulak try titik Sunderland pulak game lepas tuh!

Dengan kemenangan Chelsea ni.. macam dah 65% la dia leh Champion EPL season nih!!

Huh! Liverpool ni memang loser! Sanggup buat-buat kalah dengan Chelsea pasal tak nak bagi Man Utd ada peluang nak potong Chelsea tang corner! Memang busuk betul la hati Liverpool nih! Macam UMNO! hahahaha!

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Chelsea took a huge step towards the Premier League title as they saw off Liverpool with a 2-0 win at Anfield.

Liverpool started the game well but were stunned when Steven Gerrard played a terrible backpass - in similar style to the one he played for his country against France in 2004 - let Didier Drogba through on goal and gave Chelsea the lead. Conspiracy theorists will have their thoughts as many Liverpool fans had wanted Chelsea to win to stop rivals Manchester United claiming the title but, on the pitch, the Blues were much the better side.

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