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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Arghh!! Poyo la Chelsea nih! Torres pulak?

Agak-agak la kot banyak duit pun..
Kalau dah dari 1st eleven sampai simpanan semua star player..
apa la yang bestnya?


Ali Bagan suka la tuh!
sunsnake 18052010

Chelsea ready to make their move for Torres

Fernando Torres will be the subject of a world record bid from Chelsea within days.

Fernando Torres wants Champions League football

The total package of transfer fee and salary will make Torres a staggering £130 million investment. And Soccernet has been informed that owner Roman Abramovich is personally taking control of the project to bring the Liverpool striker to Chelsea.

Torres has been linked with Chelsea, Manchester City, Barcelona and Real Madrid for a some time but the Blues will be first to make a concrete offer.

Abramovich is ready to release the cash following a Premier League and FA Cup double this season, but he is also acutely aware he could cut an alternative deal with Liverpool in need of new players.

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