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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Team di EPL pun makin tak berduit!

Teman ingatkan kat Malaysia je ada Persatuan Bolasepak yang nazak dan kapuih!
EPL pun ada rupanya!
Memang terperasan pun lately game home untuk Pompey ni macam takde orang je mai stadium!

Kalau ada yang perasan, Serie A Italy pun dah macam tu.. hmmm.. kenapa ye?

Nak kata bolasepak takde orang minat, tak masuk dek akal..
mungkin dominasi bolasepak untuk kelab sepenuhnya dikuasai oleh hanya sebilangan kelab gergasi sahaja.. Itu yang kelab-kelab macam Portsmouth ni jadi cenggini...

sunsnake 10022010

Portsmouth given extra time to sort finances

LONDON, Feb 10 — English Premier League strugglers Portsmouth were given a stay of execution today when the club was granted extra time to fight a winding-up petition.

The south-coast club faced proceedings at London’s High Court over a multimillion-pound unpaid tax bill after talks with the British government’s Revenue and Customs department (HMRC) failed to produce an agreement.

It now has one week to draw up a statement of its financial affairs and will be back in court on a date after Feb 19.

Portsmouth, FA Cup winners in 2008, are five points adrift at the bottom of the league and had the club been forced to go into administration the team would have faced a nine-point deduction and almost certain relegation.

They are banned from buying players because of money owed to other clubs, while the players and staff have regularly had their salary payments delayed this season.

Last Thursday, Hong Kong businessman Balram Chainrai became the fourth person to own the club this season after becoming frustrated at not receiving payments on a £17 million (RM93 million) loan he made to his predecessor.