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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sampai patah hidung kawan tuh!

Hok aloh..
Kot ye pun kamu tu lagi tinggi..
Jangan le siku mamat tu sampai patah hidung!

Teman masih lagi mengharapkan Ronaldo ni balik ke pangkuan Man Utd!
sunsnake 25.01.2010

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has claimed the red card he received in his side's 2-0 La Liga win over Malaga was a "disgrace" despite breaking Patrick Mtiliga's nose with a swinging arm.

Ronaldo, who scored both goals before his 70th-minute dismissal, apologised to Mtiliga after the match but his initial on-field protest at the decision has angered Malaga officials.

Meanwhile, Madrid director general Jorge Valdano said referees should give Ronaldo preferential treatment because he is an "entertainer" who just "wants to play".

The injury came as Ronaldo threw an accidental arm into Mtiliga's face as he was trying to break free from the Danish defender's clutches.

"People who understand football know that my intention is always to try and play," Ronaldo said. "The red card is a disgrace. I don't understand it. I learned in England not to deceive the referees. This is not a red card here or in anywhere in the world and I'm not asking for protection. I've seen worse things in other games.

"I didn't mean to injure the lad. It was bad luck to hit him on the nose because he's only 1.70m and if he had been taller I would have struck his chest. I always want to play and these things make me angry. I've spoken with Mtiliga and he told me that I didn't need to apologise because he doesn't believe I hurt him intentionally.