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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup - Tak banyak gol, macam Friendly pulak?

Apase susah benor nak skor ni wehh!! Kata Player Afrika Selatan ni gamaknya..

Hmm.. teman belum nampak mana-mana game yang menarik pun!
Punya la boring masa layan Italy-Paraguay via streaming kat internet malam semalam..
Teman siap tertido lagik!!! haduh!!

Ingat malam ni nak layan Ronaldo shoot sebijik dua.. Idakpun Drogba kot-kot dapat main..
Hampeh gakk!!! Abang Do langsung takleh jalan.. ada la 2-3 biji try termasuk direct freekick..
tapi hampeh gak!

so, apa masalahnya ye?

Adakah sebabkan dek penangan bola Adidas 'Jabulani' tuh?
Tapi game Jerman hari tu pakai bola Nike ke?

Atau tahap humidity yang agak tinggi di Afrika Selatan buat player-player Eropah sengal hidung?

Atau player kepenatan lepas habiskan season masing-masing dengan kelab?

apa pun teman berpendapat.. kita tunggu team masing-masing main untuk 2nd game nanti!!
Kompom ada perbezaan!!! Ole!

sunsnake 16062010

Goals come slowly in South Africa

JOHANNESBURG, June 15 – Slovakia and New Zealand drew 1-1 today in a clash of the outsiders which did little to remedy a worrying goals shortage at Africa’s first World Cup. New Zealand’s last gasp equaliser from Winston Reid in chilly Rustenburg gave both the All Whites and Slovakia – making their maiden appearance as an independent nation – their first points in a World Cup.

While South Africans continue to exude pride and excitement at hosting the tournament, this has so far failed to be matched on the pitch with only 20 goals from 12 games, an average of 1.67 compared to 2.30 in the whole of Germany 2006 and higher figures in previous years.

Only the German side has shown real World Cup class so far with a 4-0 drubbing of Australia that will strike fear into their big name rivals.

There was tragic news from elsewhere on the continent when residents of anarchic Somalia said Islamic militants had killed two people and arrested 35 for breaking their strict ban on watching the tournament on television.

Spectators will be looking to five-time champions Brazil to correct the dearth of goals later today when they meet World Cup hermits and lowest-ranked team North Korea.

But the Samba Boys have struggled recently against the kind of packed defence North Korea is likely to play, which can stifle their open game.

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