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Sunday, December 13, 2009

English @ Indon! Wakakakaa!!

Jam Tangan pelik-pelik!

Jangan Merokok!!! Great Poster!

Malaysia Menang!! Man Utd kalah??

Apara Man U.. dah la kalah dengan villa 0-1..
Kalah kat OT pulak tuh!! (Old Trafford)
Adusss!! Di saat Chelsea dah mula drop points ni jangan lah Man Utd pun nak drop point gak wehh!!

Tapi, apa-apa hal pun.. Janji Liverpool lingkup!!

Teringat sembang penyokong Perak kat Kg. Balun hari tu..
"Perak kalah takpe janji Selangor pun tak menang!!" hehehehe

Perak (Liverpool) vs Selangor (Man Utd)
memang 'arch rival' laa..

sunsnake 13.12.2009

United 0 Villa 1

United missed the chance to close the gap on league leaders Chelsea after a first defeat to Aston Villa at Old Trafford since 1983.

Gabriel Agbonlahor’s 21st-minute header was the difference on a day when United huffed and puffed, but never really hit top gear. Villa's win moved them to third in the table with Martin O'Neill's side having now claimed victories over three of the big four this season - Chelsea, United and Liverpool.

The Reds received a couple of welcome boosts before kick-off as news of Chelsea’s dropping of two points at home to Everton filtered through to Old Trafford and the return of Wes Brown and Nemanja Vidic to the back four was confirmed. Wayne Rooney and Ryan Giggs were also back in the first eleven after missing the midweek Champions League victory in Wolfsburg. There was no starting place for hat-trick hero Michael Owen, however, who was named on the bench alongside fellow front man Dimitar Berbatov.