Meh le jadi family teman di alam cyber! Jemput follow ye?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lebai Google pun nak kena dakwa!

Hahahaha!! Macam ni punya kes pun ada!!
Kesian Lebai Google!!
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Google Faces Hamburg Criminal Probe Over Data Gathered From Wi-Fi Networks

Google Inc., the owner of the world’s largest search engine, is facing a criminal probe by Hamburg prosecutors on data it said was erroneously gathered for its Street View mapping service.

The Hamburg Prosecutors’ Office is investigating people at the company on suspicion of criminal data capture, prosecutor spokesman Wilhelm Moellers said in an interview today. The office acted after receiving a complaint from a citizen, he said. No suspects have been named.

“We’re now reviewing the facts to see whether they warrant prosecution of a crime,” said Moellers. “We’re only at the beginning and need to sort all aspects of the issue.”

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