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Sunday, April 25, 2010

PRK Hulu Selangor (118) Zaid baru tahu UMNO-BN zalim!

Sekian lama PAS selaku parti pembangkang paling berpengalaman Parlimen Malaysia menceritakan.. mengadu... membuat laporan polis.. membuat laporan akhbar.. malahan hinggakan membuat demonstrasi rakyat! Akhirnya bekas pemimpin UMNO Datuk Zaid Ibrahim mengakui betapa zalimnya kerajaan Malaysia yang ada ini.

Semoga lebih ramai lagi pemimpin UMNO yang insaf dan kembali ke pangkal jalan...

sunsnake 25042010

Zaid claims not getting a fair fight

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid

KUALA KUBU BARU, April 25 — Pakatan Rakyat candidate Datuk Zaid Ibrahim laments fraud may narrow his chances of winning the Hulu Selangor by-election today.

The former law minister cited the recent relocation of 13,000 voters by the Election Commission (EC) as an example of how lopsided the contest for the parliamentary seat is.

“It is difficult,” a tired-looking Zaid told reporters while having a short lunch break after visiting several polling stations here.

“Casting a vote is fundamental but if you have the Orang Asli Affairs Department, the police and all this government agencies working for those in power… these are the difficulties,” said the former Umno man.

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Anonymous said...

DPM has proven that there is wide spread foul play involved in this election. There is no law in the country anymore. The law institutions are dead coz they are in the pockets of the UMNO/BN politicians. To these civil servants who are muslims, I would say that you all have failed in the test of being good muslims for selling your souls to the UBN govt. I really pity you people for you are not knowing what you are doing. Remember 'karma'. You do good you get good done to you otherwise your past will haunt you. Either you will pay CASH to god or your beloved ones will bear the costs. You will be helpless when that happens to you or beloved ones. All your money and all your UBN people would not be able to help u.
Remember it's crime to CHEAT the RAKYAT.

budakbalun said...

thanks for your comment..
Absolutely agree with you!