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Friday, March 5, 2010

Apakah tonsil dan kaitannya dengan teman!

Sah! buat kali yang ke mungkin ke 20 sah!
Anak sulong teman nak kena buat operation buang tonsil..

Aduhhh.. rasa tak sanggup nak izinkan tapi nak wat camne?
Sejak kecik dia memang asyik demam..
sebelum dia umur 5 tahun.. tiap-tiap bulan demam!
Bila gi klinik 'tonsil' lah jadi puncanya...

InsyaAllah, teman akan bawak dia gi Hospital dalam masa terdekat ni..
Plan nak bawak Kak Long ni gi Hospital swasta..
Gi Hospital Kerajaan.. silap-silap kena tunggu lagi 4-5 bulan!

Lagipun Datoknya kata dia tolong bayarkan.... ehehehe
Alhamdulillah! Terima Kasih tok! ehhhh Ayah!

sunsnake 05032010

"The tonsil are mass of tissue located on the either side of the throat , just behind the tongue. There are three pairs of tonsil, palatine and lingual. The largest pair is of palatine tonsils. They produce antibodies that help prevent or fight infection in the digestive and respiratory systems. This pairs usually becomes smaller as a person grows older. The pharygengeal tonsils or adenoids are at the mouth near the opening of the nasal cavity. The lingual tonsils are at the base of the tongue.

The tonsil are, in fact, the part of the lymphatic system and produce special white blood cells called lymphocytes to help fight infection. They are covered with thin layers of connective tissue and mucus membrane. This membrane has numerous pits. When certain harmful bacteria reach the throat through our mouth or nose, they are trapped in these pits. The white blood cells surround the bacteria and destroy them. Thus tonsils are the first defense mechanism of the body.

Sometimes the bacteria become active inside the tonsil tissue and may cause inflammation of the whole tonsil. This inflammation is called 'tonsillitis'. Due to this, both palatine tonsil get enlarged. They also become red and sore. When the infection is severe, the pus starts coming out of them. It may spread to heart, lung and kidneys. This infection occurs suddenly and usually goes away in four to five days. Such infection is very common among the children. It is more common in the winter than in summer. If this infection is frequent and is not cured by medicines, one should undergo operation to remove the diseased tonsils. "


roket bedesup said...

saye pun ade tonsil.. takleh kene ekon.. sian.. sakit tuu..

jelir said...

semoga tabah dalam ujian ya sheih...

budakbalun said...

InsyaAllah.. syukran ya syeikhhhh!!