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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hand Of God, again?

Kalau teman jadi refree tu pun kalut jugak!
Sebenarnya kalau ikut pressure(tekanan),
tekanan jadi refree untuk perlawanan bolasepak peringkat tinggi seperti
Play-off World Cup macam ni memang giler!
Jadi Hakim Mahkamah Rayuan untuk kes Perak pun lagi senang kot sebab skrip dah disiapkan!
Tunggu nak baca je! Itupun tak baca-baca!

Situasi sebegini semacam pernah belaku dulu apabila Maradona menjaringkan gol
dengan menggunakan tangan dalam peristiwa "Hand Of God".
Tak silap teman World Cup 86.
Bezanya masa tu Maradona tak mengaku guna tangan score!
Ambil masa puluh tahun gak baru Maradona mengaku!

Kali ini Henry siap bagitau refree yang bola kena tangan dia!
Tapi refree pulak marah dia balik???
Aikk?? Misteri Global gak nih?
Ingatkan Misteri Kotak Anak Raja Arab dah misteri giler dah!!
Ada lagi gak misteri kategory A?

sunsnske 19.11.2009

Henry admits handball for winning goal
November 18, 2009

Thierry Henry has admitted he had handled the ball to set up William Gallas' controversial equaliser against Ireland, but laid responsibility for the goal at the door of the referee.

France 1-1 (2-1 agg) Ireland

''It was a handball, but I'm not the ref,'' he said on BBC Radio Five Live. ''The ball hit my arm, fell in front of me and I played it. The ref allowed it. That's a question you should ask him.''

France coach Raymond Domenech's press conference bordered on farce when there was initially no interpreter, although when later questioned about Gallas' goal, he was terse to say the least.

He said: ''I did not see a hand. It's you people who are speaking about this. Sometimes we feel unlucky like we were against Serbia, sometimes we feel lucky. I just want to congratulate the Irish team. I am disappointed for the public and the fans. In a way, I regret that they did not qualify.

''I very happy for the players and the staff and the people here. The only word we need to say tonight is that we are very happy at the qualification.''

Ireland boss Giovanni Trapattoni admitted he would rather have suffered the heartache of penalty shoot-out defeat.

Trapattoni said: ''I am not only disappointed, I am also sad. It is a bitter evening. It's a bitter situation. I would prefer to have gone out on penalties. I am sad because the referee had time to ask the linesman. I am sure he should have, and he could have confirmed it was handball.

''I am upset. We speak many times about fair play. I go to schools and speak about fair play. I speak with the young kids about sport. Its important in life. Everybody saw the game. You know what happened.''

sumber - soccernet